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UK Local Business’s (UKLB) objective is to provide outstanding value for money to its clients, through operating at the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. With this in mind, UKLB offers a Money Back Guarantee on its services, minus all direct costs associated with performing the service, including, but not limited to, VAT, duties, expenses, etc.

The following conditions apply:

  1. Any dissatisfaction with the service should be raised in the first instance either in the regular agreed review meetings, where it will be minuted, or directly with Phil Pickwick at UKLB via email. – please note: Failure to do so will make any claim null and void.
  2. Any claim of service failure should be submitted in writing no longer than 14 days after service is completed.
  3. No claim can be made against UKLB its staff or representatives for a programme or solution designed by UKLB or its staff or representatives but managed / implemented by the client incorrectly, i.e., which has not been managed or implemented according to UKLB or its staff or representatives instructions or in accordance with the programme given.
  4. Any claim must be against the original agreed specification of the engagement, including any agreed changes thereto, all of which must be documented.
  5. UKLB or its staff or representatives cannot be held responsible for changes within the market or customer’s environment, thus limiting potential results.
  6. The Force Majeure clause within the Terms & Conditions applies.

Please submit any claim via EMAIL to:

All claims should contain, as a minimum, the following information:

  1. Engagement dates (Beginning and End dates)
  2. Name of Consultant
  3. Agreed engagement specification
  4. Agreed Key Performance Indicators, if any
  5. Detailed reason for claim
  6. Actions taken to resolve the potential issue before the claim was instigated
  7. Name of the submitting company
  8. Name of the individual submitting claim
  9. Contact details of individual submitting the claim
  10. Failure to provide all relevant information could result in the claim being denied.

All claims will be thoroughly investigated by a Director from UKLB, with a full report being provided to both the customer and consultant, whether the claim is approved or disapproved.

There is no definitive timeline on report production, as each case could involve a different complexity level.

Any payments made will in no way reflect liability on UKLB or its staff or representatives for any consequential or Non-consequential loss regarding the customer.

UK Local Business

May 2016