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Don't let the 'Big Boys' baffle you with gobbledegook, belittle your efforts or bankrupt you with astronomic fees
YOU know your business best, so let UK Local Business work with you to 'tweak' your business to multiply those £'s

We provide simply:

A quick and easy Business Healthcheck

A quick and easy Business Healthcheck

You'll get a 'hands-on' review of what you do and how you operate, carried out by a fully trained independent professional profit expert. This is important because sometimes you can be 'too close to the coalface' and not be able to see fairly obvious things that an independent expert efficiency person will be able to spot and point out to you to improve your profits. A short report will be produced which will give you options on a way forward, YOU choose, YOU stay in control.
Profit inducing tool-bag of tools, tips and tricks of the trade

Profit inducing tool-bag of tools, tips and tricks of the trade

We'll bring a Track record of profit making achievement and professional expertise supported by a tool-bag of of skills, techniques, items of information, and other resources targeted specifically at profit growth in YOUR local business. If you're short of staff, time or skills and you want us to implement things for or with you, then we'll be happy to do so. YOU decide, YOU stay in control.
A sounding board to test YOUR own ideas

A sounding board to test YOUR own ideas

We have found from our experience that most local business owners have a pretty good idea of what they'd like to do with their business, but in many many cases do not have the confidence or belief that what they are thinking is really right, and so prevaricate or do nothing. Get that confidence and added value by 'Bouncing' YOUR ideas off one of our industry profit experts. We'll give you an honest feedback, together with our own thoughts and suggestions to steer YOUR local business through to greater profits.
  • Testimonial

    UK Local Business are a vital addition to our team and we have been using their services for many years now as their products and customer service is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and they continue to provide us with a diverse range of services tailored to our business including strategy, website support, financial, sales and operational modelling, hand-on operational back-up and database cleansing and updating.  
    M Swales - Director
    Pet Business World
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    - Joan Avina
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    - Gordon Dale

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We have strong standards and ethics and our 3 core morals are honesty, simplicity and fairness, so if this strikes a chord and you want to increase your profits, then please contact us.

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